October Market Reviews

October Market Reviews

SJ Made Fall Fest - 10/7 [$65]

San Jose, CA

I had gotten in from Portland the night before and was so sleepy when I showed up at 8 to set up. My kind neighbors helped me set up my canopy since I was by myself; shout-out to @ironstar_designs for her help and awesome jewelry!

I had my racks, stickers, and changing room set up and ready to go when the event started at 9.

The first half hour or so was really quiet and I was worried the day would be a bust. Thankfully around 10 more folks started stopping by and the sales began.

Our best sellers were the I ❤️ medication stickers, button ups both florally yours and cosmically queer, and our upcycled mushroom dresses! I also sold a cute skull necklace that’s been with me from the beginning.

I ran out of little queer stickers to give away when people followed up on Instagram so I started giving away some tiny raccoon stickers and everyone started following us to get a cute sticker!

This was such a fun crowd! One of the highlights of my day was this older couple that commented on how cool the #degenderfashion movement is and bought a button up.

The fee for this event was $65 and we ended up doing $600 in sales.

I would do this event again in a heartbeat. The organization was amazing, there was lots of food and drink options, and of course the other vendors were fabulous.

Campbell Oktoberfest - 10/21 & 10/22 [$335 + 10%]

Campbell, CA

Campbell Oktoberfest was a mixed bag. The organization wasn’t great - all correspondence was done by mail and there was no one directing traffic in the morning. Check in was from 7-730 Saturday morning and that’s when you got your booth assignment. If you didn’t check in by 730 your spot was forfeited. Getting up extra early for an event that doesn’t start until 10 is unfortunate when your setup only takes you 45 minutes. 

Foot traffic was solid both days. We did just shy of 1k in sales overall but with the $350 booth fee and 10% commission we walked away with less than we were hoping. All the vendors I talked to didn’t count the 10% commission until after they’d made their booth fee back. 

Our best sellers were our button ups especially the Cosmically Queer print and all of our I Identify As A Threat merch. Stickers and jewelry also did well.

This was hands down the event where I got the most dirty looks. One person said, “I just don’t agree with this but that’s okay.” Thankfully no one escalated things beyond that.

Overall I don’t think we’ll be back next year.

Halloween Block Party - 10/28 [$90]

Out Sunset SF

The Halloween block party in outer sunset seemed like an amazing event to attend. There were 20+ vendors, lots of amazing food, great performances and even some trick or treating! I especially loved that the Artyhood crew gave all the vendors candy to hand out to the kids; we don’t get any trick or treaters at my house so it was so fun handing out candy to kids at this event. 

Sales were hard to come by for me and the other vendors I talked to. I almost didn’t make back the vending fee but thankfully someone bought a Florally Yours button-up at the last minute putting our total sales at $128 for the day.

I’d heard good things about a night market at this location and will definitely keep my eye out for it next year. I don’t think we’ll be back for the Halloween Block party as vendors.

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