About Us

Queer The Way is a collective of queer artists hell bent on forging a new path through challenging norms and celebrating uniqueness. We seek to take care of our whole selves which means caring for our community as well. Caring for our community looks like bringing queer folks together, running creative workshops, and donating - we give back a MINIMUM of 1% of all sales with the intent of one day being able to donate 20% of all sales (we are currently donating to Equality California). Our north star is sustainability for our products, ourselves, and the planet. We share resources. We share joy.

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Our Members:

Hi! I'm KC (she/they/he) and I love people. My love of people has driven my love for myself - I hope to share this love through my art.

I have general anxiety disorder, OCD, ADHD, and likely PTSD. I recently quit a job in tech to pursue work that brings fulfillment to my life and the lives of others. 

Nature and people are my muses. I paint abstract natural scenes, make jewelry from pressed leaves, flowers, and resin, I create unique wearable art, and write poetry. I am committed to endlessly exploring the creative parts of myself, the volatile parts, the beautiful and the hideous. 

My life's mission?

To better myself and my community. 

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I’m May, she/they.

Creativity has been a means of escape and source of joy for me longer than I can truly remember. While my childhood was filled with turbulence, and was at times existentially morbid, I found peace in the stillness and sensory experience of creating. Drawing, sculpting, painting, crafting in all forms brought light into an otherwise dark beginning.
Art and friendship have ensured that my story is not a sad one, but rather a story of resilient hope.

For a long time, I could not say that I was processing complex trauma through self-expression or that the same neurodivergence which made me feel like an alien in the world around me also allowed me to dive completely into artistic endeavors. Now I can say I am grateful to the parts of me that make me different. I’m grateful, too, to those who have given me the space to be myself. As a queer person, found family has given me a sense of belonging in a world that seemed to oppose me.
Creating art, community, and a beautiful life continues to be such a wonderful adventure.

Why I find myself here, creating, what parts of my story are applicable to my art, and why a person may want these pieces of me, are not things I can easily explain. But doing this, being here, feels right, and I look forward to whatever happens next.

A picture of May with blue lipstick, blue eyeshadow, and black dots on their face.